Recycling Batteries

2010 January 7
by Lizzzzzz

As a math teacher, I go through a whole lot of AAA batteries. Pesky non-solar graphing calculators! I have been trying to figure out how to recycle regular old alkaline batteries. It’s confusing because everyone seems to think they are recyclable but no one really knows. Here’s some info I found:

Ask Umbra at says these things. The City of New York says this.

There a million or so places to drop off rechargeable (not regular alkaline) batteries for recycling. Home Depot and lots of other big chains have drop offs for them.

However, most places don’t bother to recycle regular alkaline batteries. A few Ask Umbra readers wrote they have local drop off places and one person encouraged you to take them to the recycling center anyway because a recycling center employee told her that if they had enough of something, they would try their darndest to recycle it.

I wrote to Walgreens using their online customer service form to ask if they recycle alkaline batteries and will continue to search. In the meantime, clutter sucks so if you’re saving old batteries, it’s deemed ok (by the man?) just to throw them away.

Unless they are rechargeable. In that case, recharge them and recycle at the end of their useful life. I’m going to encourage my dept. to start using rechargeables more.

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